Coming in September 2022!

A Guide for Nourishing Life (Yang Sheng Dao)

Yang Sheng is a phrase from Taoist practice that means nourishing life. Typically, Yang Sheng is applied to practices which are used for improving life, physical health as well as growing the spiritual body.

Yang Sheng Dao refers to a guide that we follow to lead a nourishing life.

The Seasons program incorporates Taoist practices that bring us more in touch with the natural cycles of the earth. As we learn to live through this connection we have as human beings on the face of this glorious planet, our lives become more fulfilling.

During childhood, we unconsciously adopt patterns and belief systems from our families and cultures. In exploring these influences, we are able to peel away the layers of these belief systems.

This program will guide you through the seasons, transforming old habits into a healthy lifestyle. The seasons become a template for balancing habit with change.

Time will be spent in the garden sensing and experiencing the quality of life that is spring, summer, fall and winter. We will explore the relationship between the four seasons and the Chinese five elements (wood, fire, metal, earth, water) including Taoist principles.

Develop a clear understanding of the difference that sustainable agriculture makes on the quality of our food. Learn new, simple ways to cook and enjoy nourishing foods that reflect the season they are grown in.

Discover how physical and energetic movement increases overall well being and enjoyment of life. Learn easy self-care practices to integrate into your life.

A wide variety of activities will help you to connect with the healing power of living in sync with nature:

  • Simple Cooking Skills for Nutritious Seasonal Eating
  • Chinese Five Elements Theory
  • Forging a Deep Connection with the Earth
  • Taoist Principles and Practices
  • Developing a Balanced Perspective
  • Discovering the Naturalized Garden
  • The Spirit of Nature and Spiritual Journeys
  • Understanding How the Body Communicates
  • Self-care through Acupressure, Movement Skills, and Flower Essences    

The Seasons Program consists of 12 group meetings (once a month), four private sessions with Amy and four private consultations with Yo’el.

Extra appointments with Amy ($120 an hour) and/or Yo’el ($100 an hour) can be scheduled upon request.

Monthly meetings will be held Sundays. Specific dates will be given after completing the interview/application process.

Fees are: $240 one time deposit and $200 a month for 12 months

$2,640 may be made as a one time payment if you prefer.

Registration is done after a phone interview. Contact Amy 925.934.3120 or for your interview.