Sessions with Amy Erez are a combination of hands-on healing, mentoring, and recommendations for creating a healthy lifestyle.

The emphasis of Amy’s work is in helping people to understand the body’s messages, connect those messages with the emotional/spiritual experience, and find solutions that support forward movement in resolving life’s challenges.

During a session, insights and understanding provide clarity and identify action steps to manifest your desired outcome. With clarity, the rich opportunity that is presenting itself is seen in a positive framework.

Initial Consultation: $180 (1.5 hours) Includes evaluation to identify the best program for your situation. And, an hour of hands on work to bring immediate relief.

Follow up (1 hour) : $120 – $150 Sliding Scale

Reiki (1 hour): $120 – $150 Sliding Scale

Amy is available in person and online.

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Our glory has nothing to do with our appearance or our occupation. Our special qualities come from an inner source. We aren’t of a single character throughout our lives.

We change and grow. Our identities unfold and bloom. Unless we attain the center and keep to our progressions, we cannot ever reach true independence in our lives.” Deng-Ming Dao

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Topics for exploration:

• Reducing physical and emotional pain through movement and breathing exercises, acupressure points, and hands on modalities

• Breaking free of negative self talk and repetitive behaviors

• Overcoming old family patterns and attitudes

• Recovery from illness or trauma

• Conscious Parenting and Education

• Balancing relationships with work

• Increasing satisfaction in relationships at work

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Amy holds a B.A. in Psychology/Oriental Studies, received her certificate in Acupressure and Shiatsu in 1984, and was initiated as a Reiki Master in 1991. Her many skills include: Flower Essence Therapy, Acupressure, SugiTouch Movement Specialist, Tai Chi Gong teacher, Sugi Yoga teacher, and Family Constellations facilitator.

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True beauty comes from within. Take a flower as an example. In the beginning it is only a bud. It does not yet show its loveliness to the world, it does not attract bees or butterflies, and it cannot yet become fruit.

Only when it opens is beauty revealed in its center. There is the focus of its exquisiteness, there is the source of its aroma, there is its sweet nectar. In the same way, our own unique beauty comes from within.”  Deng Ming-Dao

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“I originally came to Amy with an open mind and curious heart. Not exactly sure what I was expecting. Even still, after years, I find I always learn something new and get so much benefit during and beyond our sessions.

She curates a safe space and has a way of making something complex feel tangible, usable and practical to implement in my every day life. I love the depth of knowledge she has and the blend she uses in our various sessions and workshops. I will be a life long learner of these wonderful things.

I am so thrilled to have discovered her, her community and lovely gardens.” Kelley Lotosky Artist, photographer, designer and business owner

“I have become more resilient, more attuned to my compassion for myself, more confident in my abilities to navigate challenging life events and less defensive. My relationship to myself is deeper and stronger.”      Amy Sommer, Occupational therapist

“Before working with Amy I was in a deep state of overwhelm. I was dealing with insomnia, personal relationships and was struggling as a new parent. The stress and anxiety were starting to affect my health. I really needed a guide through this difficult time. After our first session, I knew that what Amy had to offer me was exactly what I needed.

What I didn’t know at that time was that our sessions together would offer me vastly more than I could have imagined. Amy’s way of offering a higher perspective has given me the ability to see more of life’s possibilities and how to open them up. She has guided me through personal growth, relationship and career transformations with her intelligence, compassion and grace.” Adam Wayne, Hair Stylist

“I feel a big change in myself. Now I understand why I get my headaches, and how to cope with my stresses and emotions in a more effective way. I just had to figure out what was happening and how my mind and body related to one another.”        Anette Fuller, Learning specialist                      

“The sessions with Amy give me time to slow down and help me see more clearly the direction of my life. The healing energy gets me through the ‘humps’ of life’s journey and back on track.” Christina Hagelin, retired teacher

“Amy’s an excellent, compassionate listener and her ability to see the big picture, to put things in perspective, is great validation of my growth and healing process. I feel blessed to have such an experienced guide in my life.”      Kathryn Bing-You, Feng Shui consultant