Integrative Wellness

Learn a novel framework for building integrative wellness habits with Yo’el.

Yo’el Erez draws from health practices rooted in ancient tradition and modern science.

Through private consultations, he will help you to expand your understanding of health and fitness and give you tools to improve them through his unique framework.

Yo’el’s personalized approach will meet you wherever you are on your journey of wellness.

A series of four one-hour consultations ($400) will get you started on:

  • nutritional assessments
  • determining goals and building healthy habits
  • physical, mental, and breath exercises that improve clarity of mind, peacefulness, and cognition; strengthen, refine, and relax the body, and improve digestion and sleep

Yo’el is available for private consultations in person or online and teaches the Seasons Program with Amy.

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Yo’el Erez is passionate about living a nourishing life. His natural affinity for language has led him to a deep understanding of a wide variety of cultures. As an avid researcher and philosopher, he has delved into all aspects of scholarly pursuits.

His interest in food has brought him to learning about healthy dietary practices based in scientific principle. A consummate foodie, Yo’el loves cooking and eating fresh, nutritious meals.

Yo’el’s outlook on life is inspired by everything in the natural world. Meditation and other Daoist practices enhance his everyday existence.