Movement Specialist, Ofer Erez has been helping children with developmental disabilities for over 30 years. He has developed a unique set of techniques to assist children and their families to create the highest quality of life and improvement for these children who are often given little hope from the medical establishment.

There are a wide variety of problems that children with disabilities face. Some of the diseases that cause severe delays in child developmental stages  are Canavan, Cerebral Palsy, Trisomy 8, Hydrocephalus, among others.

As an example, Joshua (shown with Ofer on the left) was originally diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Specialists told Joshua’s mother that he would never walk or talk. After working with Ofer over a period of four years, Joshua was both walking and talking. His improvements were so extreme that the diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy was removed.

Ofer working with the twins

Over the years, Ofer has developed SugiTouch and ClearPath Energetics as two reliable ways to provide profound improvements and dramatically increased development beyond the expectations of frustrated parents.


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Parent Education

Ofer is committed to providing education for parents of children with disabilities, too. During the children’s sessions, Ofer makes time to educate the parents about what he is doing to create improvement in the child’s abilities. When possible, Ofer will also provide tools for parents to use in home care to support ongoing changes on a daily basis.

Ofer has helped us to understand the powerful subtleties of development and has been a great parenting coach. We are deeply grateful for the work that Ofer brings to this community. It feels as if we have only scratched the surface of his capabilities.”    Adam Wayne

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SugiTouch and ClearPath Energetics

Helping Yoel learn to turn

SugiTouch™ is a healing system designed by Ofer Erez to improve health by improving movement. SugiTouch uses a unique array of simple techniques for increasing the communication between the mind and body.

SugiTouch involves gentle-touch guidance through a series of precise movements. These movements create new learning directly in the neuromuscular system assisting children with compromised brain activity to increase the neurological connections resulting in dramatic developmental improvements. SugiTouch successfully addresses musculo-skeletal and neurological problems.

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ClearPath with Yael

ClearPath Energetics™ is a unique process that was developed by Ofer in the 1990’s. His ability to perceive energetic blockages within the system allowed him to discover a way to access the pattern of energy causing the block. Through ClearPath, Ofer frees the stuck energy creating a new, healthy pattern in the system. When the energetic patterns shift, the physical symptoms associated with the old patterns change as well.

Look for the gradual changes in Yoel and Yael, twins with Canavan Disease. In the photo sequences, it is visible how the children are responding by participating in the movements that Ofer is suggesting to them through his touch.

Working with Yoel

Beginning to turn
ClearPath with Yoel
Helping Yael turn to her back
Almost there!
Yael pushing with her feet

When my daughter first came to see Ofer she could not put her hand to her mouth. She is 4 years old with severe Cerebral Palsy (CP). She has such a peaceful look on her face when she works with Ofer. Now my daughter is ‘catching toys’ with her hand and bringing them to her mouth. At times she laughs out loud and just beams because she is so proud of herself! Just starting to be able to play with toys independently has raised her self-esteem so much! If our kids feel good about themselves – others will feel good about our kids as well.

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My daughter has been having PT and OT for 4 years and yet she was unable to put her hand to her mouth. In less than 6 sessions with Ofer this was accomplished!I wish that every parent that has a child with any special needs would just try this therapy. It is non-invasive, you have nothing to lose and your beautiful child has everything to gain. I believe this therapy will help your child have a much better life, do much better in school and be able to access this wonderful world that we live in.”  Thomas Champion

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“Our daughter Addison was born with low muscle tone because of a rare genetic condition and birth trauma.  She was unable to roll over at 6 months and at 8 months she was unable to support her head with her neck.

After a few weeks with Ofer, he had her rolling over independently. At that moment we knew that we were in the right place. After two years of sessions, her rate of development has sped up massively.  She is almost walking, getting closer to speaking and her motor skills are better than ever.” Adam Wayne