Restriction in movement is the common feature of most health problems.

When you experience difficulties with coordination, balance or movement – whether it’s in sports, play, dance, or just getting around – life is not as much fun. Not attending to these problems can result in injuries, aches and pains, disabilities, and countless other chronic problems.

Restricted movement inhibits the natural flow of neurological messages, circulation of blood, oxygen and energy. Inhibited flows create problems and slow down the healing process. By restoring movement quality there is an increase in range, ease, speed and coordination. Most symptoms and the causes of many problems are resolved with the increased ability to move.

What is SugiTouch™?

SugiTouch is a healing system designed to improve health by improving movement. SugiTouch uses a unique array of simple techniques for increasing the communication between the mind and body. Light touch and gentle movements easily create profound change.

SugiTouch™ involves gentle-touch guidance through a series of precise movements. These movements help alter habitual patterns and create new learning directly in the neuro-muscular system. SugiTouch is painless, effective, and successfully addresses muscular-skeletal and neurological problems. Using gentle-touch and skilled manipulation, clients are guided through a series of precise movements.

Each of us has the capacity to live life to its fullest. We can learn, change and improve – at any age. SugiTouch assists in tapping into our natural capacity to learn and change to:

  • Ease chronic pain and discomfort
  • Decrease stiffness and increase mobility
  • Relieve tension and create ease of movement
  • Gain peace of mind

SugiTouch is designed to improve inner coordination and result in improved movement – solving many vexing problems.

Special benefits to people with brain damage, diseases of neurological deterioration, children with disabilities, and issues of aging are:

  • improved balance
  • slowing the progression of symptoms
  • retrieving lost skills
  • overcoming restrictions
  • increasing the development of movement skills

Benefits for everyone include:

  • Develop better posture and alignment
  • Boost performance and avoid injuries
  • Increase balance and coordination
  • Enhance brain function
  • Improve fine motor skills

Sugi Movement Lessons (SML) are a series of simple lessons that address core concepts of movement designed to teach the individual the necessary skills for efficient and healthy movement. SMLs can be used in private consults or taught as a series of classes.

Ofer Erez created SugiTouch™ in 2003. His inspiration came from many years of experience in a variety of healing modalities, yoga, zen and martial arts. The works of Moshe Feldenkrais, Wilhelm Reich, William Glasser and other great thinkers strongly influenced his understanding of health and movement.