Restriction in movement is the common feature of most health problems.

Injury seems like a sudden occurrence, when in fact, it is often the result of years of wearing out the musculature through repetitive stress behaviors. Degeneration throughout the body occurs through the habitual repetition of specific movements over a period of years.

Over time, the injured muscles stop doing their work and other muscles step in to help out. These helpers aren’t designed to carry the new load. This can create even more severe symptoms as movement becomes more and more limited.

Restricted movement inhibits the natural flow of neurological messages, circulation of blood, oxygen and energy. Inhibited flows create problems and slow down the healing process. By restoring movement quality there is an increase in range, ease, speed and coordination. Most symptoms and the causes of many problems are resolved with the increased ability to move.

What is SugiTouch?

SugiTouchâ„¢ involves light touch informing the body and brain that more movement is possible than currently being accessed. The nervous system then recognizes healthier options that are available and overcome repetitive stress injuries by creating new pathways in the brain. SugiTouch is painless, effective, and successfully addresses muscular-skeletal and neurological problems.

SugiTouch assists in:

  • Improving the ability to do daily tasks (getting in and out of the car, combing the hair, washing dishes, sitting and standing up, putting on clothing…)
  • Easing chronic pain and discomfort
  • Improving symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain, possibly even avoiding surgery
  • Overcoming sports-related injuries
  • Recovering from surgery
  • Improving performance quality for actors, musicians and singers

Ofer Erez created SugiTouch in 2003. His inspiration came from many years of experience in a variety of healing modalities, yoga, zen and martial arts. The works of Moshe Feldenkrais, Wilhelm Reich, William Glasser and other great thinkers strongly influenced his understanding of health and movement.