In the Sugi Way™ of Living, you have permission to listen deeply to your inner wisdom. We serve as guides as you learn to  make new choices to support a balanced, healthy way of living.

• Are you looking for a way to live your life guided by spirituality and self-love?

• Would you like to free yourself from repetitive patterns that make life difficult?

• Have you been told that you have to “just live with” your pain or discomfort?

“I don’t think there are words enough to thank you both for all that I have learned from you over the last decade. It continues to improve my life.
 Jan Enderle, naturalist, Sugi Yoga teacher

The essence of health is balance. Creating and maintaining balance in life is achieved by awakening movement in all parts of our being – energetically, physically, emotionally – allowing fluid motion to wash away stagnation wherever it gets stuck. 

Understanding the communication between the body and the mind provides a stable foundation for creating change. This is attained through gentle, informed physical movements, acute self-observation and an open willingness.

Staying aware of feelings allows us to move through our emotional responses instead of getting stuck in them. Doing regular meditative practices stimulate the smooth flow of energy (chi or prana) to nourish mind, body and soul.

Our unique perspective offers an approach that is motivated by self-love and acceptance. The Sugi Way is a non-violent approach based on the yogic ideal of ahimsa “a term meaning to do no harm” (literally: the avoidance of violence). The word is derived from the Sanskrit root hims – to strike; himsa is injury or harm, a-himsa is the opposite of this, i.e. non harming or nonviolence.”

In consultations or classes with Amy and Ofer you will learn tools to help you connect with your inner voice and lead you to peaceful solutions. Other people tell you what to do, we teach you practical solutions for lasting change. The Sugi Way of Living teaches you how to succeed immediately, through inner listening, movement skills and simple, healthy habits. Join us in exploring these concepts and applying them in a practical way in your life.

The Meaning of Sugi

While designing a Reiki certificate for our students, we traveled to San Francisco’s Chinatown to buy a kanji stamp with our last name. The artisan translated the kanji for Erez, which is cedar tree in Hebrew, as “holiness, eternity and peace”. In Japanese, Erez translates to Sugi.

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