We welcome a variety of payment options for your convenience:

Cash is always welcome when you are paying for services in person.

Check – Mail a check to us directly at 2096 Hoover Ave., Pleasant Hill, CA 94523. Make the check to the practitioner you are getting services from.

GooglePay – Google Pay is available as an app on your phone. You can send money to amy@SugiHealth.com

Cryptocurrency – We are now accepting payments with cryptocurrency. You can use any currency that is found on Crypto.com. We prefer Algorand, Stellar or Cardano, if possible. To use cryptocurrency, see the section below.

PayPal – Send money via PayPal to SugiPay. To avoid extra fees, choose friends and family.

Credit Card – We can arrange credit card payments through Square invoicing or in person card swipe. We don’t encourage credit card payments as there are always extra fees.

Cryptocurrency payments:

Algorand (ALGO)



Cardano (ADA)



Stellar (XLM)



For Stellar payments scan the QR code and add the memo with this code – 26912629.