West Coast Reiki Retreat

The West Coast Reiki Retreat is an annual event in Northern California for Reiki enthusiasts of all levels and lineages. Celebrate the wonders of Reiki!

Nourishment In Turbulent Times

Join us for an entire day as we retreat into the beauty of the outdoors and fill our hands and hearts with Reiki. This day will be filled with nourishing experiences – Reiki outside in the aliveness of the Sugi Garden in spring, deep discussions on how to bring nourishment into our daily lives during this turbulent time of change, healthy movement, good food and friends.

A fire ritual will help to clear out the old as we embrace the new growth of spring! Seeds of inspiration will be planted to take back to daily life for continued growth. We each bring something unique and valuable to the circle. Let Reiki be your guide.

Our retreat will provide opportunities for community building as we participate in Group Reiki, experience the majesty of nature and work together to provide meals and cleanup. Our meals (lunch and dinner) will be locally sourced, organic and seasonal. A taste of spring! By working in partnership as a group, we develop connections and empathy for one another that transcend beyond our time together.

All levels and lineages of Reiki are welcome.


April 21,  2018

9:00am – 7:30pm


Includes lunch and dinner

Go to the event page to register.

Registration deadline: Friday, April 15