The Game of Gifts is an insightful process that takes you into your inner world to discover the talents/gifts that you have. These talents are a part of who you are and are there to assist you in living your current life mission.

The Game of Gifts is a beautifully designed personal growth experience that integrates the timeless knowledge of universal archetypes as taught by Joseph J. Campbell in the Hero’s Journey, and in the works of Carl G. Jung. There are influences from A Course in Miracles, astrology, elements of the natural world and Family Constellations work.

“Working with Amy on the Game of Gifts has been very eye opening. She has helped me tap into my strengths, and coached me on how to apply them in my everyday life to find success. This has been especially helpful as a mom of a toddler — not only with my parenting, but also with taking care of my own needs as an individual. I highly recommend!” Amy Black

The Game of Gifts assists you in finding answers and practical steps for making changes in life:

• How can I find out what’s next in my life?

• What do I do to heal myself?

• How do I break out of old patterns?

• Can I be a good parent and be effective at work?

• Where do I get the courage to create real change in my life?

• What’s holding me back and creating obstacles that prevent me from doing what I dream of doing in my life?

The Game was developed by Willem Glaudemans in the Netherlands in 1992. Willem is a multi-faceted professional with training in art, psychology, philosophy and spirituality. His internal reflections helped him find a way to create cooperation with the competing parts of himself. Once the communication of his talents became smoother internally, he was able to step forward with his life from a place of inner unity and balance.

“The Game of Gifts engaged my imagination, intellect and feelings in a compelling, revelatory and fun process which continues to provide insightful access to my inner world. The combination of imagery, archetypes and skillful facilitation got me in touch with unrecognized parts of myself. I feel more whole and self-aware following my experience.

Amy’s skills at establishing rapport, creating the space for the journey, and deftly supportive facilitation guided me into deep connection with myself and opened up a world of newly available wisdom.”

Paul Bogle, Astrologer

The Game of Gifts is an inner journey. We don’t know what we will encounter as we walk this path, nor how long it will take, as we are working with the unconscious mind.

To begin your journey, contact Amy to schedule your Game of Gifts sessions. The minimum commitment for the Game of Gifts experience is two – two hour sessions scheduled one to two weeks apart and, one – one hour session three to four weeks later. Fee: $600

Amy is certified as a Game of Gifts Talent Coach through Inge Hindriks of Soulstainabilty at Amy is one of three coaches certified to offer the Game of Gifts in the United States.