Sugi Way of Living

“Your article in the Sugi Newsletter on Eating Fresh for Health is exceptional! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVery well written and hits a lot of very important issues in a way that, I hope, makes everyone stop and think about the food they eat, where it comes from and how it affects their health and the health of the planet. Kudos to you!

A lot of people trust and listen to the two of you, so thank you for this eye-opening article. I try to encourage all my students to understand what your short article said so succinctly. It is a connection that is hard for some to make.

Nancy and I were just talking about how much our lives have changed since we met you. Thank you for your work, your knowledge and your support.”   Jan Enderle

“When I retired from work at age 58, I discovered the Sugi Way of life and found I could feel lighter, more coordinated, stronger and more resilient by practicing Sugi Yoga and Fitness. I used to take analgesics and muscle relaxers to treat the little everyday aches and pains I had.

Learning the Sugi Way has given me a complete new approach to physical fitness and health.  I am now able to use movement in a healthy and constructive way, greatly expanding my physical strength, flexibility and comfort.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 

Not only have I found a way to deal with my life in more physical comfort on a daily basis, the Sugi philosophy has filtered into all areas of my life.  Pain and discomfort are no longer ‘necessary’ parts of my life.

I am able to enjoy my retirement in comfort and ease of movement. ”         Linda Spragens

“Reading this latest newsletter prompted me to let you know that I have so much respect for what you and Ofer have made of your business.  Everything about it shows how much you care for the well-being of others and the environment. And you’re always adding new features, products and services. You are a wonderful example of how incorporating your passion into your business can reap many rewards. Just wanted to let you know……..”  Susie O’Bryant

Spiritual Counseling

unknown flowers“I am well aware that healing is initiated in my body by my mind and spirit. But I also know that in a way that I cannot explain, you were the catalyst for that healing, and that it was no coincidence that the pain stopped after our session.   Thank you, Amy.”                Les Bain

“Thank you for your insights and guidance. I’m more confident now that there’s going to be a clear direction and purpose for me that will show itself soon. Patience is not one of my stronger virtues, so working with you will aid in relaxing into the moment and the process.” Simone St. Clare


“Having Reiki in my life has been and continues to be a blessing on a daily OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbasis.  As the mother of two very active young boys, who seem to constantly find new ways to hurt themselves, I really appreciate the ease of having this amazing healing source and “first aid kit” with me at all times!

The emotional and spiritual aspect has been deeply meaningful to me personally, and has helped me stay grounded and centered during stressful times.  I really feel that Reiki is a tool from which every person can benefit, regardless of their individual situation or phase of life.  I am so grateful for Reiki!” Cecily Underwood

“We are grateful for finding our way to you and Reiki. This experience opened us to a new connection with each other we hadn’t experienced.  While practicing our Reiki on each other and holding one another in our hands we felt a intense closeness and peace that words weren’t necessary to communicate.

We’ve never just held one anothers’ head/face in our hands for that period of time and discovered how good it felt to do this not only for the receiver but also the one giving.  As you told us this process has a journey of it’s own in it’s own time for each of us, we are willing and eager to continue because we feel so centered and in tune with ourselves and at peace with the direction we’re headed.”               Becky and Jerry Foott

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“I just had to share with you my first emergency use for Reiki! Adam stubbed his toe hard on the corner of the bathroom wall the other night. I saw it happen and he was paralized by pain, couldn’t move, heard a pop and said it “felt broken.” First thing I said is “let me do Reiki on it.”

He laid down and I kept my hands on his toe for about 7-10 minutes. I looked at him he was wide eyed and said it didn’t hurt! The pain went from unbearable to barely noticeable. We laughed. He is a believer as well now. And the next day there was no sign of injury. It would have otherwise been black & blue. It was incredible!”                                                   Sarah Carlson

“I have to give you my profound thanks for the work you did on me on Wednesday.  Physically I still have some pain, but it is lessened. Most amazing, however, is how profoundly different I feel mentally and spiritually.  Best of all, I have been so grounded that I have been able to ‘pay if forward”‘to at least 3 other people in my life who were also in states of internal chaos whom I was then able to bring back from the depths of who-knows-where.  Yay!  I have also had amazing clarity about letting go and moving on to the next part of my journey.”

Katie Cook-Kelly

“Every time I participate in a Deepening Reiki Class, I have a new appreciation for Amy’s skill in teaching us how to take our relationship with Reiki to a new level of awareness within ourselves.   I always come away with a new insight and a renewed relationship with Reiki.”                      Kelli Sage


“Since coming to see Amy and Ofer, my migraine headaches are better – having diminished in intensity. I originally came for sciatica issues which are now mostly resolved. Although I had gone to physical therapy, I found that Sugi Health worked better for me.”                     Mary Gray

“After many years of pain, I feel ‘re-constructed’ and I’m able to move in ways I have not since I was young – thanks for the new life, Ofer, you worked miracles!”  

Mary Lou Clarke

“When my daughter first came to see Ofer she could not put her hand to her mouth. She is 4 years old with severe Cerebral Palsy (CP). She has such a peaceful look on her face when she works with Ofer.

Now my daughter is ‘catching toys’ with her hand and bringing them to her mouth. At times she laughs out loud and just beams because she is so proud of herself! Just starting to be able to play with toys independently has raised her self-esteem so much! If our kids feel good about themselves – others will feel good about our kids as well. My daughter has been having PT and OT for 4 years and yet she was unable to put her hand to her mouth. In less than 6 sessions with Ofer this was accomplished!

I wish that every parent that has a child with any special needs would just try this therapy. It is non-invasive, you have nothing to lose and your beautiful child has everything to gain. I believe this therapy will help your child have a much better life, do much better in school and be able to access this wonderful world that we live in.”  Thomas Champion

Family Constellations

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Family Constellations moved me into alignment with emotional places within myself that I did not even know needed adjusting. Like theatrical therapy.  I feel peaceful and more trusting of life now.     Thank you for that miraculous experience! I feel very blessed.”         Nicky Tenney

“Amy is a skilled facilitator with a good understanding of group dynamics. We are fortunate to have access to this type of work in our neck of the woods.” Amy Sommer

“It was very profound. I would do it again.”   Nancy Guzzaldo

“The Family Constellations is unique and can take a while to process.  It seems as though one must pull from “hidden” intuition and somehow things come out that helps the whole…the persons at the event, whether participating or just watching.”     Adrianne Roe

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“It works in an unexplained and magical way, and affects each participant differently each time. In one session you may feel peaceful and giving. In another you may have waves of a particular strong emotion (e.g. anxiety, stress) that make it impossible not to burst into tears. A therapeutic effect subsequently takes place as a result of emotion fluctuations. I couldn’t stop crying during my first session and felt calm, peaceful and content afterwards. To cut it short, you should give it try. Just come to a session and see how it works. I guarantee you will not regret coming.”   Lili Falsken

Tai Chi Gong

“You are a fantastic teacher because your explanations for the various postures we get into makes so much sense.  I’ve discovered that my toes actually work and that they are connected to my feet!!!”

Dagny Huillade

“What I like about Tai Chi is that it is a moving meditation. For me that’s wonderful because at times it’s hard for my body to be still. My mind can be focusing on the movement and it’s meditative.

I enjoy experiencing the depth of the body moving and being with the breath. It centers me, calms me and brings me back from whatever scattered place I’m in. The practice continues to grow as I continue to grow. It’s not a stagnant process or form.

On a physical level, it’s something I can do when I’m in pain and discomfort. It will ease and shift that. It has become part of my pain management. I started out with such extreme limitations that it gave me a way to get moving again in a safe, self-controlled fashion. It gave me back mobility, strength and balance. All the things I’d lost because of my injury and condition.”                 Martha Scheer                                                                   

“I want to let you know that I have enjoyed your class very much and it has help me both mentally (more focused) and physically (better core strength and more limber with less joint pain). And I thank you for that!”                                                             Dennis O’Brien


Veronica Sepe

“Sometimes this training felt like a completely different world to me. The opportunity to be able to recreate how I fit into this world in a safe and nurturing place was/is priceless.”            Veronica Sepe


Karen Rezai
Karen Rezai

“I got a great deal out of this training, both personally and professionally. I feel well prepared for a new career and my own body is so much more mobile.”                 Karen Rezai

“I have been a recipient of SugiTouch for the last several years and it has helped my movement and migraines tremendously. I felt it helped my body stay balanced externally and internally. Taking the training and learning to share this practice with others has been such a wonderful experience. I have been able to put my trainings into practice right from the beginning of class.”

Trish Harrison
Trish Harrison

Trish Harrison

I have been practicing SugiTouch on my boyfriend for about 10 weeks. Over this time I have noticed many improvements with posture and movement. One morning I found him sleeping, sitting, on the couch. When he awoke he had no movement from the shoulder to the head. I tried to do a little SugiTouch but it was not working. I tried to get ahold of our chiropractor and she was not available. So Reed stayed home from work and I went to my SugiTouch class – the subject that weekend was on Hands and Feet.

Danica family
Danica with husband and son

When I returned home, I practiced what I had learned in the class on Reed. After working on him for about 15 minutes on the shoulder and hand, he was 85% better. He was able to return to work the next day. When he has had this same problem occur in the past it has taken up to five days, with chiropractic treatment, before he could return to work.

On my way to class the next day, it dawned on me that I was able to help Reed myself without a visit to the chiropractor and that the money we saved paid for my SugiTouch class!                              Danica Boggs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Sugi Yoga training gave me the opportunity to work on improving my own personal health in mind, body and spirit. I have less stress, take fewer pain medications, and my outlook on life is much brighter.

I feel like I am part of a family, where each member supports each other to build new connections and pathways in our yoga practice and in everyday life!”

Leilani Kirby, Occupational Therapist

“More upper body strength had been my goal for a long time.  Thanks to several months of Sugi Fitness routines, I now have stronger arm muscles AND stronger back muscles.  It’s noticeably easier to do daily chores like push the lawn mower and lift heavy objects.  I’m very pleased.”

Eileen Hammer