Tai Chi Gong

In creating a new lifestyle it is valuable to develop a variety of practices to add to your routine. This variety provides the element of being eclectic; a whole world of possibilities is available through these ancient Chinese arts.

We are a lively community of people from all walks of life who are committed to the regular practice of this fun and invigorating art. Join us today!

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Tai Chi Gong

This class is designed to help you relieve stress, increase flexibility, improve balance, strengthen and tone muscles, and quiet the mind. Through gentle movements and meditative breathing, the natural healing rhythms of the body are reestablished. See the Calendar page for class schedule.

Donald Saindon

“I had been looking for a good tai chi instructor. I found this with Sifu Amy Erez. Her class is fun. Also, her manner of teaching is not stressful.  She shows you what the postures mean or what they are used for. Her Qigong is good and very relaxing. I feel very comfortable when practicing the postures. After the class I feel calm.”             Donald Saindon

“I had been looking into Tai Chi as a way to help me with my balance, when I found Amy’s class. And yes, Tai Chi has helped my balance. However, what I thought was going to be learning a set of rote movements, turned into something much more.

Amy is a calm and relaxed teacher – who stresses well being.  The ‘class’ is a very welcoming group that reflect Amy’s teaching. My wife commented to me that she feels so much better after our Tai Chi class, and that is true for me as well.

Bryce Ikeda

Jon Finch, a fellow student summed up Tai Chi better than I ever could: “The days that I least feel like going to Tai Chi – are the days that I benefit the most from Tai Chi.”

Amy calls Tai Chi a practice – which I interpret to mean a lifelong learning process. I’m still learning the ‘rote’ movements – but there is always something new to learn about the moves I already know.”                    Bryce Ikeda

“What I like about Tai Chi is that it is a moving meditation. For me that’s wonderful because at times it’s hard for my body to be still. My mind can be focusing on the movement and it’s meditative.

Martha Scheer

I enjoy experiencing the depth of the body moving and being with the breath. It centers me, calms me and brings me back from whatever scattered place I’m in. The practice continues to grow as I continue to grow. It’s not a stagnant process or form.

On a physical level, it’s something I can do when I’m in pain and discomfort. It will ease and shift that. It has become part of my pain management. I started out with such extreme limitations that it gave me a way to get moving again in a safe, self-controlled fashion. It gave me back mobility, strength and balance. All the things I’d lost because of my injury and condition.”    Martha Scheer

“Your class has been great! I enjoy how you take the time to explain movements but also let everyone progress at their own speed. As you said many times, sometimes you are just doing it and then it just clicks! I enjoy the no pressure and your one on one approach very much.”               Joe Surges


Taught by Amy and Ofer Erez

Push Hands is the practical, martial application of the Tai Chi form. This class is for students who want to go the next step in their Tai Chi practice. Through a wide variety of partners exercises, you will learn how to sense, cultivate and circulate chi. Benefits include developing a strong sense of self, cultivating clear boundaries in relationships, and physical self-defense.

Ann Nelson working with Ofer Erez

“When I added push hands to my Tai Chi training, it gave purpose and meaning to my practice.”

Ann Nelson

Amy and Ofer demonstrate a push hands technique


Jon Finch

“Push hands has been an eye-opening enhancement of Tai Chi and reinvigorated my practice, as it takes the Tai Chi form and postures into a practical self-defense application.” Jon Finch

“Tai chi is a practical self-balancing practice. Push hands is a practical self-defense practice that is an extension of Tai chi. The two practices are two sides of the same coin to create a whole person. I am lovin’ it.” Nicky Tenney

Tim Thor with Karen Castner

“Push hands is a great way to progress with the practice of Tai Chi. Push hands provides the opportunity to see the practical application of the moves learned in the Tai Chi form. For me push hands has heightened my focus on the execution and completion of each move and has increased my awareness of my ability to interact with another person while using the principles of my Tai Chi practice.” Tim Thor

Tai Chi Gong DVD

with Amy Erez

This 110 minute DVD includes Yang-style Tai Chi Ch’uan Long Form (with verbal instruction or music), 35 Chi Gong exercises, Standing and Sitting Meditation, Saber Set, Stances, Walking and more.


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Tai Chi Gong class in Trinidad

Photo Courtesy of Kelli Sage
Photo courtesy of Kelli Sage
Photo courtesy of Kelli Sage