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This program will give you personal and professional support by gathering regularly in community with other Reiki practitioners. We will delve deeply into the experience of living in the stream of Reiki. This deepening of your relationship with Reiki will bring it into your life in a meaningful and effective way.

Some of the questions we’ll be addressing:

  • What is a public practice? How do I develop one?
  • How do I know that Reiki is guiding me?  
  • How does Reiki fill and support me, while I give to the world?

The emphasis of this program is on how to live Service Without Sacrifice through Reiki. Designed for Second Degree and Master level practitioners who feel called to offer a professional service or to delve deeper into living through Reiki’s guidance.

This is a program guided by Reiki. There will be ups and downs – lots of opportunity for profound growth. Experience another level of trust in yourself and Reiki as you walk on this new pathway in life!  

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Topics in the program:

1.     Reiki as oral tradition through story

2.     Four Aspects – Physical Healing, Personal Growth, Spiritual Discipline, Mystic Order

3.     Service Without Sacrifice (Lightworker Syndrome, Daring Greatly)

4.     Working with clients – interviewing, fees, insurance, forms, etc.

5.     Marketing and Branding your business – What’s your passion and mission?

6.     Five Principles (Precepts) of Reiki

7.     Chair Reiki and Group Reiki – Introductory Workshops

8.     Case Studies

9.     Integrating other modalities with Reiki

10.  Distant Treatments during current times – how to talk about it and offer it

11.  Networking and self-promotion – elevator speech, description through story

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Your journey will be guided by Reiki Master, Amy Erez, who has been laying Reiki hands on herself and others since 1987.

She began teaching Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho in 1991. Amy’s lineage traces back to the originator, Dr. Mikao Usui, through six generations.

For over 30 years, Amy has been committed to sharing the wonders and benefits of Reiki with her students and clients. Her passion about living a life guided by Reiki is infectious and will keep you inspired throughout the program.

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“With Amy’s supportive mentoring I have moved to actually building my business not just dreaming about it anymore. She laid down a map so that I could figure out what direction I wanted to go, then listening to my inner Reiki guidance to create what I wanted it to be. Leading the way, Amy designed this business mentoring program with a perfect pace, giving time for each step of the way. Incorporating each one of our extra professional practices so they complemented a whole package.

 It seemed like it would be a long haul in the beginning, but it was over in a flash and I have a wonderful business at the end, the dream has come true.” Elizabeth Bowles

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“Amy was a great listener and really adjusted the class with where I was at in my Reiki practice. I was always given next steps with a gentle nudge for growth. She was very supportive of my path with Reiki the whole way through. The mentorship gave me a strong foundation for my next steps with my Reiki practice. The class deepened my relationship with Reiki and now I feel more capable as a Reiki practitioner. I will always be grateful for Amy and what I learned.

Thank you, Amy, for all that you do.”  Blake Smith