Private Programs

Amy Erez
Amy Erez

With Amy:                  925.934.3120



Initial Consult – $150

Get a little taste of Amy’s approach and discover where to start on your journey of wellness.

 Stressed Out – $480

Also known as Sick of Being Sick, this program is a series of four weekly, one hour sessions to break the repetitive cycle of stress, pain and sickness that has a-hold of you. This program may be repeated for people working with acute injuries, long term or chronic issues.

                                                        New Patterns  – $720
Reflective PondThis program is twice a month for 90 days (six sessions) to begin developing an understanding of the attitudes and habits that influence the quality of your life, causing physical and emotional symptoms and dysfunction in relationships. During the three months of this program, you will adopt new patterns, attitudes and belief systems for creating a healthy life.

Staying in Tune – $720
This program is for those who have adopted the Sugi Way lifestyle successfully and are coming to keep themselves in tune with their inner rhythms with ongoing support. Six sessions, once a month for six months.

Let’s Hangout!  Too far away to visit in person? You can attend a session with Amy through Google Hangouts. You can:

  • Receive a distant Reiki treatment
  • Learn movements to reduce pain and limitations
  • Learn self-help tools (acupressure, SugiTouch, breathing)
  • Be counseled on issues that you need help resolving
  • Deepen your practical use of the mindset of A Course in Miracles
  • Learn Sugi Yoga warmups or Chi Gong exercises
  • and more, all to help you build a Sugi Way lifestyle.
Ofer Erez
Ofer Erez

With Ofer: 

Contact Ofer to explore how his programs can benefit you.                                925.934.3120

Private appointments – $100

Restriction in movement is the common feature of most health problems. When you experience difficulties with coordination, balance or movement – whether it’s in sports, play, dance, or just getting around – life is not as much fun. Not attending to these problems can result in injuries, aches and pains, disabilities, and countless other chronic problems.

Restricted movement inhibits the natural flow of neurological messages, circulation of blood, oxygen and energy. Inhibited flows create problems and slow down the healing process. By restoring movement quality there is an increase in range, ease, speed and coordination. Most symptoms and the causes of many problems are resolved with the increased ability to move.

SugiTouch is a healing system designed by Ofer Erez to improve health by improving movement. SugiTouch uses a unique array of simple techniques for increasing the communication between the mind and body. Light touch and gentle movements easily create profound change.


brochure cover_new_prBalanced Living – Designed To Help You Discover Optimal Health

Balanced Living is a program bringing together the best of The Sugi Way of Living and Metabolic Balance to help you discover the inner resources you have inside. You will learn how to access the underlying obstacles that interfere when you make attempts at meaningful change. As a result, you will be able to use those resources to feel in balance, contented, and satisfied.

MB logoThe metabolic balance program with Myra Nissen is a customized program using your personal chemistry and whole foods to balance the metabolism. This concept integrates beautifully with today’s awareness about eating local, eating organic and in season. It is dynamic and changes with a person’s individual healing response to the program.

The total cost of the program is $1,940. It includes:

Six private sessions with Myra Nissen (includes your metabolic balance startup package of labwork, measurements and a personalized food list)          $1,220

Six private sessions with Amy Erez                  $720

To get started on your way to Balanced Living, contact Myra for your initial consult.

Balanced Living teleconference with Amy Erez and Myra Nissen