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The frequency of course meetings makes each of these programs as close to an immersion program as possible without actually removing you from your daily life. Each course will allow you to continue with your daily life and give you the opportunities to apply your new knowledge to everyday situations.

SEASONS: THE SUGI WAY – Next program begins January 21, 2018

Registration deadline is January 7, 2018.seasons banner

Simply put, most of us live a life filled with stress that negatively impacts our daily experience in a variety of ways. Being stressed out can result in feeling spiritually empty and filled with self-doubt.

Seasons: The Sugi Way gives students a practical experience of how to live in sync with the seasons of the year. As we develop this ability, stress-related symptoms are reduced and joyfulness returns.

The process of getting in sync with the natural rhythms of life is intuitive and practical at the same time. In this program, simple tools help us transform our old patterns of behavior; these tools are practical and easy to apply during a busy day.

“I am so grateful for this amazing experience. I have grown and learned so much in the past year. I’ve been able to heal wounds that I’ve carried with me for decades and become a more peaceful and whole human being.”                      Lauren Barraco

Living in sync with nature is developed through exploring:upwards path

  • The Spirit of Nature
  • Chinese Five Elements Theory
  • Spiritual Journeys
  • Body Symbolism
  • Sound Healing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Healing Foods
  • Colour Meditation
  • Flower Essences
  • Movement Skills
  • Family Constellations

…. and more!

One of the foundational elements of the Seasons program is learning to recognize the familial and societal influences that we have unconsciously adopted. Experiential processes are used during the training to break free from these habitual patterns and open up a new world view.

The Sugi Way perspective teaches you how to succeed immediately, through inner listening, movement skills and simple, healthy habits. By deepening awareness of body, mind and soul, you will learn to live with self-acceptance, compassion and balance.

The Seasons Training Program consists of 12 group meetings and 12 private sessions with Amy. The adoption of daily practices is an inherent part of this program.

$2,400 + $200 deposit

Contact Amy Erez for your personal interview to see how the Seasons program can benefit you.

Here are some comments from past students:

mountain and mustard cropped

“Over the last nine months I have become more resilient, more attuned to my compassion for myself, more confident in my abilities to navigate challenging life events and less defensive. I am more likely to make healthy food, beverage and movement choices.” Amy Sommer

“I have noticed unhealthy patterns within my immediate family structure and moved forward with change.

I have noticed how my attitudes and conditioning are affecting my relationships with my daughter and husband. [Overcoming habitual] anger and fear, I have learned to be more present and joyous in my daily life.

My relationship with food and the seasons (changes) has impacted how I view myself and my community. I feel more in control, with more choices and empowered. I feel more grounded and recover from unpleasant experiences more quickly.”         Kelly Meek

“I am more aware of the seasons’ changes and being okay with that. It is okay for me to change as long as I am in peace. Plants and animals don’t strain; they go with the flow without judgment.”                                                    Adrianne Roe


“I have become more willing to be vulnerable in the group and trusting that I am really okay. I am noticing my boundaries more and beginning to say ‘no’ or beginning to make choices that serve me and not someone else. It’s easier for me to communicate feelings about family and identity, painful things. I have learned how many things I keep to myself.”                                                   Lisa Craven


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REIKI MENTORING reiki logo gold web

This program will give you personal and professional support by gathering regularly in community with other Reiki practitioners. We will delve deeply into the experience of living in the stream of Reiki. Some of the topics we will cover are:


♥  Five Principles                                ♥  Four Aspects

♥  Professional Practice                      ♥  Perceiving Energy

♥  Complementary Practices              ♥  Self- Care

The emphasis of this program is on learning how to do Service Without Sacrifice.

You will be deepening your experience of Reiki to bring it into your life in a meaningful and effective way. Your journey will be guided by Reiki Master, Amy Erez, who has been laying Reiki hands on herself and others since 1987.

Queen AL offctr_prDuring the course of one year:

  • Six – Saturday meetings (in person –                      10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)
  • Five – Weekday evening meetings (2 hours)
  • Four – Private Mentoring meetings with Amy (one hour per season)
  • Group practice with fellow Reiki participants between meetings – optional
  • Closed Facebook group to connect between meetings – optional

Saturday meeting dates are: TBD

Weekday meeting dates are: February, April, June, August, October.  These may vary and will be decided as a group.

Registration – Begins with an interview with Amy


$140 non-refundable deposit

Registration Deadline is January, 2018

Payment schedule for the balance of $2,200: 11 monthly payments of $200 or 4 payments of $550 (January, April, July, November)

Please contact Amy with questions or doubts. Amy will assist you in any way she can to make your time and financial commitment possible. At the first gathering, we will look at our calendars together to accommodate (the best we can) for everyone’s scheduling needs.

Amy Erez
Amy Erez

Reiki Master, Amy Erez has been practicing Reiki since 1987. She began teaching Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho in 1991. Amy’s lineage traces back to the originator, Dr. Mikao Usui, through six generations. For over 30 years, Amy has been committed to sharing the wonders and benefits of Reiki with her students and clients. Her passion about living a life guided by Reiki is infectious and will keep you inspired throughout the program.

Payment can be made with cash, check or credit.
Ask about our special payment arrangements.

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Arm and Leg rotation
Arm and Leg rotation

SugiTouch™ is a movement specialty that provides students with tools to dramatically improve health through understanding the practical, inspired design of the human being. This 300 hour certificate as a Movement Specialist will teach you the skills for a professional practice including individual sessions in SugiTouch™ and class instruction in Sugi Movement Lessons™ (SML™).

  • Impossible is a temporary situation.
  • Replace effort with skill and you will continue improving for the rest of your life.
  • The essence of progress is the ability to accomplish increasingly more complex and demanding tasks with greater ease.
Chest Press
Shoulder work
Shoulder work
SugiTouch interview
SugiTouch interview





SugiTouch skills include hands-on techniques that work with the neuro-muscular communications systems in the body. Techniques of SugiTouch include: Observation, Tracing, Holding, Pressures, Compressions, Moving, Client actions, and Client Education.

Sugi Movement Lessons (SML) are a series of simple lessons that address core concepts of movement designed to teach the individual the necessary skills for efficient and healthy movement. SMLs can be used in private consults or taught as a series of classes.

Ofer demoOfer Erez created SugiTouch™ in 2003. His inspiration came from many years of experience in a variety of healing modalities, yoga, zen and martial arts. The works of Moshe Feldenkrais, Wilhelm Reich, William Glasser and other great thinkers strongly influenced his understanding of health and movement.

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SUGI YOGA – 300 hour program

Sugi Yoga® is designed to offer a new approach to yoga, melding traditional hatha yoga with SugiTouch™. Students are provided the opportunity to learn practical knowledge about movement and energy while building their confidence and skills for personal knowledge and practice.

vatayanasana group
turning the head
turning the head





Sugi Yoga does not insist on the perfect execution of yoga postures, but is concerned with how one approaches them – seeing the postures as a web of interconnected movements and understanding the common aspects between them. This understanding gives the teacher and the students more ways to benefit from yoga. During the training, you’ll progress mindfully from simple to sophisticated concepts, postures and exercises, choosing your own pathway for growth.


Cinzia dancing shiva croppedOver time, you will experience a wider range of movement and abilities, gain strength, increase mobility and improve endurance. This will lead to expanded self-awareness that will transform and inspire your life and make you a great yoga teacher.

Graduates may apply for teacher certification upon completion of the training.


Sugi Yoga was developed by Ofer Erez by combining his traditional training in Sivananda yoga with the vast wealth of knowledge he gained in other forms of education.


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