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In this workshop series you will be introduced to the magical world of the Elements and Seasons. During this time together we will come to understand the meaning and energy of each season. Time will be spent in the garden sensing and experiencing the quality of life that is spring, summer, fall and winter. We will explore the relationship between the five elements (wood, fire, metal, earth, water) of Chinese healing arts and the four seasons.
A wide variety of activities will help us to connect with the healing power of living in sync with nature: communing with the plants to see what their healing essences hold for us,
partaking of the fun and wonder of seasonal foods and their healing benefits, learning self-help tools like chakra balancing, Sugi movement and acupressure.
Sundays, April 8, July 22, September 23, November 18 , February 3
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Registration deadline: April 3, 2018
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In this program, you will uncover the belief systems that mold your life, choose consciously the beliefs you want to maintain or adopt and finally find peace with yourself and your family. Discover the unexpected connections between the common world view and the familial, social and cultural influences that shape life.

In unraveling the threads of familial patterns developed over many generations, clarity, peace and healing will be yours. This series will prepare you for the transformative process of Family Constellations work. Our final day will be spent experiencing the power of Family Constellations.

 New dates TBD

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Reiki Mentoringreiki logo gold web

This program will give you personal and professional support by gathering regularly in community with other Reiki practitioners. We will delve deeply into the experience of living in the stream of Reiki. Some of the topics we will cover are:


♥  Five Principles                                ♥  Four Aspects

♥  Professional Practice                      ♥  Perceiving Energy

♥  Complementary Practices              ♥  Self- Care

The emphasis of this program is on learning how to do Service Without Sacrifice.

You will be deepening your experience of Reiki to bring it into your life in a meaningful and effective way. Your journey will be guided by Reiki Master, Amy Erez, who has been laying Reiki hands on herself and others since 1987.

$2,340, $140 non-refundable deposit

Amy Erez
Amy Erez

Reiki Master, Amy Erez has been practicing Reiki since 1987. She began teaching Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho in 1991. Amy’s lineage traces back to the originator, Dr. Mikao Usui, through six generations. For over 30 years, Amy has been committed to sharing the wonders and benefits of Reiki with her students and clients. Her passion about living a life guided by Reiki is infectious and will keep you inspired throughout the program.

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Arm and Leg rotation
Arm and Leg rotation

SugiTouch™ is a movement specialty that provides students with tools to dramatically improve health through understanding the practical, inspired design of the human being. This 300 hour certificate as a Movement Specialist teaches skills for a professional practice including individual sessions in SugiTouch™ and class instruction in Sugi Movement Lessons™ (SML™).

Chest Press
Shoulder work
Shoulder work
SugiTouch interview
SugiTouch interview





SugiTouch skills include hands-on techniques that work with the neuro-muscular communications systems in the body. Techniques of SugiTouch include: Observation, Tracing, Holding, Pressures, Compressions, Moving, Client actions, and Client Education.

Sugi Movement Lessons (SML) are a series of simple lessons that address core concepts of movement designed to teach the individual the necessary skills for efficient and healthy movement. SMLs can be used in private consults or taught as a series of classes.

Ofer demoOfer Erez created SugiTouch™ in 2003. His inspiration came from many years of experience in a variety of healing modalities, yoga, zen and martial arts. The works of Moshe Feldenkrais, Wilhelm Reich, William Glasser and other great thinkers strongly influenced his understanding of health and movement.

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Sugi Yoga® – 300 hour program

Sugi Yoga® is designed to offer a new approach to yoga, melding traditional hatha yoga with SugiTouch™. Students are provided the opportunity to learn practical knowledge about movement and energy while building their confidence and skills for personal knowledge and practice.

vatayanasana group
turning the head
turning the head





Sugi Yoga does not insist on the perfect execution of yoga postures, but is concerned with how one approaches them – seeing the postures as a web of interconnected movements and understanding the common aspects between them. This understanding gives the teacher and the students more ways to benefit from yoga. During the training, you’ll progress mindfully from simple to sophisticated concepts, postures and exercises, choosing your own pathway for growth.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASugi Yoga was developed by Ofer Erez by combining his traditional training in Sivananda yoga with the vast wealth of knowledge he gained in other forms of education.


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