In private sessions, we integrate hands-on modalities and wellness education to empower you as you walk the road to health. Virtual and in person sessions are available.

Ask about fee changes or special accommodations during the Coronavirus crisis.

 We work with people of all ages and abilities.  

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Virtual sessions

Too far away to visit in person? You can attend a session with us through Zoom or in a phone consultation. You can:

  • Receive a distant Reiki or ClearPath Energetics treatment
  • Learn movements to reduce pain and limitations
  • Learn self-help tools (acupressure, SugiTouch, breathing)
  • Be counseled on issues that you need help resolving
  • Deepen your practical use of the mindset of A Course in Miracles and Taoism
  • Learn Sugi Yoga warmups or Chi Gong exercises
  • and more, all to help you build a Sugi Way lifestyle.

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With Amy Erez 925.934.3120

Initial Consultation – 1.5 hours, $170

In the Initial Consultation, Amy will discuss your situation in depth, explain the benefits of the various modalities she offers and make a suggestion for where to begin to address your needs. The hands-on portion of the session brings immediate relief.

“I am well aware that healing is initiated in my body by my mind and spirit. But I also know that in a way that I cannot explain, you were the catalyst for that healing, and that it was no coincidence that the pain stopped after our session. Thank you, Amy.”                Les Bain

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With Ofer Erez


Contact Ofer for fees

Ofer has a unique frame of reference that will lead you to discover a new perspective that provides key solutions to life’s problems. Sessions with Ofer cover subjects ranging from conscious parenting, exercise, and diet, to breathing, relaxation and meditation – a wide variety of ways to improve life.

Ofer’s approach to problem solving relies on “constellation thinking” – a practice of taking diverse aspects of a situation and integrating them into a new whole.

Among the many issues Ofer addresses are neurologically based conditions, recovery from illness or injury, and problems due to the wear and tear of everyday living.

“After many years of pain, I feel ‘re-constructed’ and I’m able to move in ways I have not since I was young – thanks for the new life, Ofer, you worked miracles!”  

Mary Lou Clarke

He also works with children with developmental disabilities.