Ofer will guide you in expanding your skills in movement, health, parenting, life perspectives and more. The process of working with Ofer is a combination of delving into the intuitive/creative aspects of oneself and balancing personal inquiry with the logical/methodical aspects.

Through Ofer’s experienced guidance, you will uncover hidden roots from physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and energetic layers. Once these layers are defined, you will get a handle on the problem by weaving a web of connections placing the situation into a clear context.

Then you will be able to achieve a new way of being in the world that allows you to overcome past obstacles and move more easily through life. Throughout the mentoring process, you will become an expert on your self and your self healing process. Over time, as you become more adept at guiding yourself, you will develop skills of self-correction.

Vague feelings of uncertainty and dissatisfaction become clear, specific problems you can define. With Ofer’s support and through connecting with yourself, your skill in recognizing useful options increases. Gaining the ability to make good choices assists you in determining the preferred path to success. The path can be followed allowing for flexibility to make changes and continue in new directions as needed. Ofer will be with you every step of the way.

Ofer approaches the human body as one system, comprised of many sub-systems – all of which must be in good balance with each other to attain the best possible health. The integration of his studies in movement and healing with a practical understanding of anatomy, physiology and the relationships between the body’s systems, enables Ofer to create effective health plans.

Ofer’s inspiration came from many years of experience in a variety of healing modalities, yoga, and martial arts. The work of Moshe Feldenkrais, Wilhelm Reich, William Glasser and other great thinkers strongly influenced his understanding of health and moveme

He has dedicated his life to learning about and teaching health, fitness and movement in the wisest, safest, most natural, and most useful ways possible. He believes that anyone, regardless of age can become more fit and healthy if they learn to replace effort with skill.