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cookbook_photo_colorDiablo Valley School, is a private, non-profit school for educating children ages 5 – 19. This democratically run school provides children with an environment that develops resourcefulness, respect and responsibility. Decision-making and critical thinking are primary benefits alongside the development of respectful, social relationships that occur in a naturally social environment.

getting ready for JC.webAt Diablo Valley School, individual students and staff members each have an equal vote in how the school functions, and run the school together through school meetings. As a result of participation, students discover that being a valued part of the community is a satisfying experience. By practicing democracy on a regular basis, students learn to be articulate, persuasive, considerate and fair.

Diablo Valley School, modeled after the Sudbury Valley School, was Amy and Rosefounded by Amy and Ofer Erez in January 1997 in Concord, CA

Basic Rules of Raising Children by Ofer Erez

Parenting Half a Step Behind by Ofer Erez

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