Family Constellations

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFamily Constellations works with the morphogenic field which is a manifestation of the collective unconscious.

The fields organizing the activity of the nervous system are likewise inherited through morphic resonance, conveying a collective, instinctive memory. Each individual both draws upon and contributes to the collective memory of the species.”                              Rupert Sheldrake

Within every family system, there are people who have been disrespected, forgotten, excluded or disregarded. When this occurs, there is a ripple effect within the family and another family member, out of love for the unacknowledged person, subconsciously takes on the fate of that person.

“Family Constellations moved me into alignment with emotional places within myself that I did not even know needed adjusting. Like theatrical therapy. I feel peaceful and more trusting of life now.”                  Nicky Tenney

Unconscious family patterns are repeatedly handed down from generation to generation. Children are filled with unconditional love for their family members, even those they don’t actually know personally. They want to help the adults that surround them and frequently “take on” the pains and sorrows of their parents and grandparents. Though the parents want a better life for their children, the child can unconsciously resist that experience by taking on the previous generations’ woes.

What we are addressing in Family Constellations are the repetitive patterns (emotional or physical) in life that happen for unidentifiable reasons or remain stuck even with years of psychotherapy or healing work.  Continual examination of our issues can result in an intellectual understanding that doesn’t effect an actual change in the identified behavior or mindset.

“For several days [after the constellation] I was getting insights.  My psyche felt as if a window opened and the fresh air breezed through cleansing it.  I have been sleeping more soundly and waking with more energy.  I’m feeling lighter and freer in my body. 

What an amazing process this is.  One of the most profound insights I had was how a single session can reveal the multiple generations that an issue has continued.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering this process.” Angela LaPorta

These unconscious influences and patterns are discovered and moved to a place of resolution through the process known as Family Constellations developed by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist. These influences can span across generations and continue to affect the living even though the original person who had the traumatic experience is long gone.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Family Constellations are done in an open room with a circle of chairs around the perimeter for the client and those who are not currently doing a representation.

“It works in an unexplained and magical way, and affects each participant differently each time. A therapeutic effect subsequently takes place as a result of emotion fluctuations. Just come to a session and see how it works. I guarantee you will not regret coming.”   Lili Falsken

The process of Family Constellations primarily utilizes four different roles:

  • Client – The client is the person whose issue is being addressed in the constellation. This person sits in the circle of chairs and watches as the constellation unfolds.
  • Representatives – These are people who have volunteered to step into the role of representing a family member for the client’s Family Constellation. The roles are often presented to representatives on a folded piece of paper. (This is called doing the constellation “blind”.) When asked by the facilitator, representatives verbally express the feelings that arise from the awareness of the role they are in. In the middle or near the end of a constellation, roles may be revealed to the representatives.
  • Witnesses – Someone who is a part of the Family Constellation by sitting in the circle of chairs and “holding space” for the process is a “witness”. Even though this person is not “actively” taking a role, their presence is valuable for the process. A witness will often have a profound personal experience as well.
  • Facilitator – The facilitator has been trained to help the client identify an issue that will be addressed by the Family Constellation.  During an interview process, family experiences are identified that may be related to the client’s issue. As a result of the interview, the facilitator will choose relevant family members to have represented during the Family Constellation.

During the constellation, the facilitator assists the unfolding of the process by asking for representatives to verbalize their experience. As the constellation unfolds, the facilitator will suggest words for the representatives to say to each other to create movement in the family system.

“Amy is a skilled facilitator with a good understanding of group dynamics. We are fortunate to have access to this type of work in our neck of the woods.”         Amy Sommer

“It was very profound. I would do it again.”     Nancy Guzzaldo

Through the Family Constellations representation, the living family member can release the ancestors’ pattern, returning it to its origin. A ripple will resound throughout the family system once the excluded family member has been brought back into the fold energetically – and been given a place within the family.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAmy Erez has been trained as a Family Constellations Facilitator through NLP Marin. Family Constellations is a perfect extension of Amy’s group and private programs. Amy’s skill at reframing perspectives and holding sacred space for profound healing to occur will strongly benefit those who choose to explore the Family Constellations experience. For over 30 years, Amy has been working with clients to resolve issues of physical and emotional health within their families.