Reiki Ice Cream Social

July 29, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Sugi Health
Amy Erez
Buttermilk Pecan

Such a good time was had by all at the Reiki Retreat in April there were requests for something more! Here’s some summer fun for you. Two hours of an Ice Cream Social with Amy’s homemade ice creams – think flavors like Mulberry Chip, Kahlua Chocolate Mint, Buttermilk Pecan, Thai Iced Tea – all sweetened with maple syrup and some flavored with Amy’s homemade liqueurs.

During our social time, we will share some stories about how we’ve used Reiki in our lives. What a wonderful way to enrich relationships within our community! Then, after our social time, we will luxuriate in two hours of Reiki together.

To register, send your name, email, phone number and the workshop you are attending with a check to:
Sugi Health, 2096 Hoover Ave., Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Or ask Amy about using Google Pay for direct deposit.

Held at the home office in Pleasant Hill.