In Deepening Reiki we explore how to use the Second Degree symbols to deeply benefit our lives. Every workshop is a unique experience. This class is for Second Degree and Master Reiki Practitioners.

The three traditional symbols of Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho are: power, mental/emotional, and distance.

All three provide useful tools to extend Reiki’s influence in our lives. Through contemplative and honest inquiry, the infinite potential for using the symbols becomes apparent.

In each workshop, we take time to discuss the current concerns of the students present. Then, we identify how best to address these needs with the symbols. To conclude the process, we spend time sending Reiki to the subject we’ve clarified in our inquiries.

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Every time I participate in a Deepening Reiki Class, I have a new appreciation for Amy’s skill in teaching us how to take our relationship with Reiki to a new level of awareness within ourselves.   I always come away with a new insight and a renewed relationship with Reiki.”       Kelli Sage

“The Deepening Reiki Class delves into the many ways that Reiki can improve your life. You never know what will happen. Each class is different, and it seems that every person in the group benefits from it.” Gloria Zema