In Deepening Reiki we are addressing our deeply ingrained patterns and, using the Second Degree symbols, discovering how to use Reiki to have an ever more profound effect in our lives. This class is for Second Degree and Master Reiki Practitioners.

Each of us has family patterns that we would like to heal. Through the practice of distance Reiki, we are able to step into a place of self realization as Reiki evokes a deeper understanding of our true essence.

Every workshop is a unique experience that assists us in connecting with the circular patterns of humanity’s behaviors. We begin to gain insight into how our repetitive attitudes and behaviors affects our own lives and, in turn, the earth’s response to our presence.

During this unusual time in history, this topic is especially compelling:

• How can we assist the world in stepping into this new place that is being forged?

• What will our own lives need to be like in order to achieve the necessary changes?

• How do we use distant treatment to reveal the path of transformation that is opening up before us?

This is an opportunity to have an impact on both a personal and global level as we are swept through this enormous change. You are welcome to join even if you have missed previous workshops.

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Every time I participate in a Deepening Reiki Class, I have a new appreciation for Amy’s skill in teaching us how to take our relationship with Reiki to a new level of awareness within ourselves.   I always come away with a new insight and a renewed relationship with Reiki.”       Kelli Sage

Currently this class is being offered on a monthly basis on Zoom. For current dates, see the Calendar page.

“The Deepening Reiki Class delves into the many ways that Reiki can improve your life. You never know what will happen. Each class is different, and it seems that every person in the group benefits from it.” Gloria Zema