Are you feeling lost or overwhelmed?

Is stress taking a toll on your body or relationships?

Not quite feeling yourself lately?

Many obstacles in life can be overcome by a change in perception and the application of a new attitude. Discover a practical way to create real change in your life by doing these daily practices. Share the experience with others who have the same commitment to living a life of peace and joy.

We spend our time in this class discussing lessons from A Course in Miracles and readings from the delightful little book on Taoism, 365 Tao, by Deng Ming-Dao.

Both of these daily practices teach us how to perceive the world through different eyes, to become clear and grounded so we make choices based on what brings peace instead of conflict into our lives and relationships.  

Have you tried studying A Course in Miracles on your own and put it away in frustration? In these classes, you will learn how to do problem solving based on the concepts of A Course in Miracles. As a result you will be able to do the workbook lessons and gain all the benefits therein.

To get the most out of these classes, Amy requests that you do the daily lessons from the workbook in A Course in Miracles. We are currently using the Original Edition of A Course in Miracles if you don’t already have a copy of A Course in Miracles. Reading of the 365 Tao book is optional as specific readings will be provided during class by Amy.

A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles is a spiritual practice that provides practical tools for attaining peace of mind. Daily practice offers support for beginning a new way of life, reevaluating old patterns, setting aside judgment and opening up to receive new perspectives.

Many people like to begin with the small book, Love is Letting Go of Fear by Dr. Gerald Jampolsky. This is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to the concepts of A Course in Miracles. Feel free to join our class even if this is where you want to begin. Also recommended – Gifts From A Course in Miracles – Edited by Frances Vaughan, Ph.D. and Roger Walsh, M.D., Ph.D. and A Course in Miracles Made Easy by Alan Cohen.

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365 Tao

365 Tao by Deng Ming-Dao is an inspiring little book that reads like poetry. As each day’s reading is presented, gems of timeless knowledge are dropped into the pool of consciousness.

“Place the word Tao into your heart. Use no other words.

The true Tao is of no nationality, no religion. It is far beyond the conceptions of even the most brilliant human being, so it cannot be the property of one race or culture. The need to understand Tao is universal; people just give it different names in their native language. Tao is the very essence of live itself, so those who are alive always have the possibility of knowing Tao. it is meant to be found in the here and now, and it is within the grasp of any sincere seeker.” 365 Tao

365 Tao provides a glimpse into the world of Taoism, a subject that takes years of study to understand. Understanding comes, not from the intellect, but from the changes in perception that occur as the year floats by with each lesson bringing deeper knowledge. These reflections coincide beautifully with the profound spiritual teachings of A Course in Miracles, making these two practices a perfect partnership.

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Amy’s class is truly miraculous.  Everyone is on a different lesson and yet we are all on the same lesson.   If we veer off the principals, Amy reminds us how to look through the eyes of Love vs. fear to solve problems of all types.  It is amazing to see students overcome huge problems by choosing peace to run their life instead of fear…as have I.”                                  Adrianne Roe

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Amy Erez began her spiritual journey at a young age through meditation and healing at a metaphysical church and the study of Taoism and other Asian philosophies during her college years. She began studying A Course in Miracles in 1984. A Course in Miracles helped Amy to integrate into her daily life the spiritual truths she found in her other studies. Her compassionate, welcoming, non-judgmental approach provides a sacred, safe place for true transformation.

Amy’s personal experience of practicing A Course in Miracles reflects her experiences of working with the energetic healing qualities of Reiki. This passage from A Course in Miracles expresses her experience beautifully:

“All your past except its beauty is gone, and nothing is left but a blessing. I have saved all your kindnesses and every loving thought you ever had. I have purified them of the errors that hid their light, and kept them for you in their perfect radiance. They are beyond destruction and guilt…

You can indeed depart in peace because I have loved you as I loved myself. You go with my blessing and for my blessing. Hold it and share it, that it may always be ours. I place the peace of God in your heart and in your hands, to hold and share. The heart is pure to hold it, and the hands are strong to give it.”                        ACIM, Text 76

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“Since starting ACIM last year, the days of fear are now filled with peace and love.”                                 Griselda Wong